How it make

How it made

The momos at Hong Kong are special. Unlike any ordinary outlet, we at Hong Kong believe in preserving the simple, authentic flavor of the dumplings that comes from the core ingredients and no artificial flavoring.

  • We take the all-purpose flour and knead it into a firm dough with a pinch of salt and warm water.
  • As the dough rests in a cool place, we prepare the filling. Hong Kong Momos prepares three variants of fillings – vegetable filling, chicken filling and mutton filling respectively.
  • The well-rested dough is further divided into tiny dough balls that are rolled in an even thickness. The dough is rolled to be thin and uniform so that each momo comes out to be perfect.
  • We place a sumptuous amount of filling right at the center of each dough wrap.
  • Each momo is then wrapped diligently and sealed with perfection.
  • The momos go inside the steamer for ten to fifteen minutes until tender & translucent.
  • They are freshly served to you piping hot and ready to eat!

Vegetable Filling

  • We buy our vegetables on an everyday basis so that we score the freshest produce from the local farmers. We buy the best cabbages, carrots, onions, & spring onions and mince them.
  • The minced vegetables are generously salted and the excess water is removed until we get a perfectly seasoned pulp, slightly reduced than the original quantity after the excess water is drained.
  • We add a dash of freshly ground ginger paste for that oriental aroma and heat.
  • The mix is treated with few luscious tablespoons of melted butter to enhance the richness of the filling.
  • And an authentic Tibetan vegetable filling is prepared.

Meat Filling

  • We bring in the best quality chicken and mutton mince from trusted halals who are reputed for their superior products.
  • The minced meat chicken/mutton is further mixed with finely diced red onions and spring onions.
  • A dash of salt and monosodium glutamate are added to tenderize the meat.
  • The mixture is then enriched with some generous splashes of melted butter, that binds the entire mixture and makes it more delectable and rich.